In-home residential

What is in-home residential?

"Supportive in home service" (formerly supportive residential) means the provision of community support services and other structured services to assist individuals, to strengthen individual skills, and that provide environmental supports necessary to attain and sustain independent community residential living. Services include drop in or friendly visitor support and counseling to more intensive support, monitoring, training, in-home support, respite care, and family support sevices. Services are based on the needs of the individual and include training and assistance. These services nomally do not involve overnight care by the provider.

What is the referral process?

Anyone can make the referral for services, including the individual, who may self-refer.

We accept referrals for individuals living in the following cities and counties: NRVSCB region including the city of Radford, counties of Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, and Pulaski, and the BRBH region including the Cities of Roanoke and Salem, and counties of Botetourt, Craig, and Roanoke.

Access our online referral form.